Some try to give an explanation of the title "When the Rivers Wear Spectacles ..."

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Once upon a time there was a film ... featuring Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland, title "Don't Look Now", a dark, misty and mystic movie located mainly in Venice based on a novel written by Daphne du Maurier.

The German title reads "Wenn die Gondeln Trauer tragen" which - translated by rough & dirty word by word method into English - goes like that: "When the Gondolae Wear Grief".

And, "once" again, I came across a broken old plastic toilet seat, swimming poor and lonely at night through a Venetian river, waiting for a better life (or whatsoever, maybe thinking of nothing at all - who knows?).

OK, add the fact that spectacles and toilet seats are addressed by the same word in German, "Brille" - and the pun is done. Sounds a bit queer, however, when translated ... but this was to be expected in a way, wasn't it?


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